Motorcycle Struggles

So here I am, working on the website for day 2 with dragon… and I pass out, boom head to my chest, lights out, dead asleep. I wake up to a work call, scared me was like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WTF KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!”! And my boss asks me to do a call out when I’m not on call, it’s cool I like OT. So I go do that, then get home, try to get Dan’s bike running, well mostly him trying and me watching cause……… I like to watch. Has some issues, bail on it, I head to an ATM on my bike by myself to deposit some cash from a 1070 GTX graphics card i recently sold off my mining rig… and the ATM doesn’t do deposits… FML. AND THEN I get a call from a friend saying his bike won’t start so I get on the horn with Dan, saying lets grab some tools and the jump pack and go jump his bike because that’s probably all it is. I walk out to my bike from the gas station, I see it’s leaning funny, so I look down at my kickstand and IMMEDIATELY notice it’s like only 50% of the way down to the point of just the tip of it is touching the ground. I’m like HOLY SHIT drop ALL my candy i bought, oh yeah BTW i bought like 20 air heads, love those things. I just TOUCH the handle bar and my bike immediately falls on me. I catch it thankfully because I’m buffman McGee, more like because I was ready for it. PHEW, oh BTW we successfully started the friend’s bike, we don’t wear capes, but we’re Heroes. First world problems and victories.

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