Day Trading~ $100-$200 a Day!

Whelp. Here I am, just like the many before me and surely as the many after me have all arrived at this point. Yeah, I have a decent amount of money saved up, it’s true, around 500k or so spread out across many different kinds of assets like retirement, land, savings and most recently a self day trading portfolio.

Here I am watching Ross Cameron, a professional day trader and teacher of the craft trading through a self-created school called “Warrior Trading”. How did I get here? It just sort of happened… After the crash in march of this year, I’ve done nothing but day trade on my own with my own thoughts and feelings. Pulling them all into a ball of random strategy that actually HAS made around $100-$200 a day almost every day for the last month and a half. Here I feel like I’ve hit some kind of jackpot, or found the gold at the end of the rainbow. Surely it cannot be this easy….. and it’s NOT, very easily as I can make money I can lose it, realistically it’s a somewhat “safer” form of gambling?

Go to a casino, throw down $100 bucks, you lose, bye bye $100 bucks. In stocks, as long as you’re young and can afford it, you can wait for the price to return which there’s a good chance it will at some point in time, just a matter of how long are you willing to wait. Plus there is always a chance of bankruptcy.

Why am I blogging about this? Not sure, was feeling cute I guess. Will keep people posted on how I’m doing. I use Robinhood primarily on days that I am working, and TD Ameritrade on my days off for hotkeys & quick trades. I don’t know very much about patterns and the like, but I’m very interested in this and am trying to gain as much experience and knowledge as quickly as I can without dumping too much money into it.

Next I’m looking at Dividends and YouTube for passive income opportunities. I also looked at buying up housing for rental purposes but I feel it might be more trouble than it’s worth and I don’t like debt! I’ll keep everyone posted! ~Tan OUT

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